I'm writing a free ebook, because every developer deserves to know

Do you also feel it is hard to keep up with all the frontend frameworks? Don't know where to start when you want to build a simple web application? Or did a ton of courses and still don't know how to build what you want?

It seems like there is a new framework every week. Every update to existing ones make things more complex instead of easier. These days you need to learn more, and write more lines of code to eventually produce less.But you are not alone... In my search of productive coding I stumbled upon the GoHT stack. A simple combination of Go as a programming language for my backend and the new HTMX for my frontend. It felt like I was in love with coding again.. I rewrote two weeks of code in one day. Suddenly it was fun and easy to write a custom full stack application.In this free ebook I want to briefly introduce you to the GoHT stack. Why I think it is so powerful and why every dev should consider using it in their carreer. We will hands-on build an web application in the ebook.

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